The precision and reliability of our products is the results of decades of experiences in the production of high-precision components for tool, mould and jig construction. Production technology based on this experience applied by qualified employees, gives our customers the trust they need in Eberhards' capabilities.


Texture examinations and batch controlling of raw material deliveries, programme-controlled vacuum hardening units, texture examinations after hardening, CNC controlled manufacturing units and state-of-the-art measuring in manufacture and final checking are the basis for high-quality products. The know-how of our employees guarantees translation into practice. The fact that we put quality to the top of operational processes is documented by our certification in accordance with ISO 9001:2008


From raw material disposition on operational data logging of production processes to computer controlled end-product storage, all components of our logistic system are designed for on-time production and rapid delivery. We move 300 tons of raw material per year, schedule over 30.000 processes in ongoing operations and dispatch more than 250 parcels daily. This competence of our logistic system is demonstrated by the problem-free mastering of these processes.

Environmental Protection

Environmentally compatible production and protection of resources help to safeguard our future. We practise this for our employees, our customers, our suppliers, our society and last but not least for the EBERHARD company.