Special parts

Eberhard punches and dies convince by their stability and precision. The wide range of applications is documented by customers form the automobile, electrical, fittings, perforated plating, filter and general sheet-metalworking fields.

In view of the constant competition pressure and rationalisation forces, you can count on EBERHARD as your partner.

Increase your productivity with our products. From the raw material to the finished product, you will profit from all our experience.

Standard parts

Punches and dies according to DIN and ISO, also in intermediate sizes, can be delivered from stock on the day of order. Special sizes and special forms can be manufactured at short notice.

Overview of standard parts

  • Punches with countersunk head
    Type D, DA, C and CA
  • Bottle-neck punches
    Type D and DA
  • Punches with cylindrical head
    Type A, B and C
    Type E, F and G-with spring loaded ejector
  • Punches with 30° head
  • Die bushes
  • Punch guide bushes

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